Discuss Any Business Questions from:

  • Tax
  • Structuring & Setup of Companies, Trusts etc.
  • Technology
  • Cashflow and Transparency
  • Putting Processes in Place
  • HR Management

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Held every second Wednesday of the month.
Dates available:

We will be discussing common issues businesses face:
Owners Frustrations:

  • “ I don’t know when money is coming in or out”
  • “ I lack visibility and vision in my business on cashflow”
  •  “I don’t have the data available to make informed business decisions.”
  • “How do I stay in control of my finances – business and personal?”
  •  “Managing my finances is time consuming. I don’t have the time to use software, or figure this out.”
  •  “I don’t have the correct info at my fingertips. I’m unable to access and share information efficiently.”
  • “Hiring a full time accountant is too expensive, but I don’t have the time or resources to do this on my own. I need another option.”
  •  “I don’t trust software and keep losing important documentation.”
  • “I don’t want the hassle of switching over. It is difficult and confusing.”

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