What it is:

One day if a company wants bank financing to grow the business, or address possible shareholders to purchase shares in your company, documents in the form of financial statements (in accordance with proper accounting principles) will be required.

Unfortunately, I see a lot of small business owners rush to request these documents only when they get to the point of applying for that loan, when they only have a couple of days, and unfortunately then it is usually too late.

Ensuring you have up to date monthly management accounts ensure that when that day comes and you ready to approach the banks for refinancing, that it is a streamlined process and you are prepared.

This is done in accordance with proper Accounting Principles (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), IFRS (International Financial Regulatory Standards) for Small and Medium Size Firms.

This is where we come in and ensure compliance.

What is it:
In SA Companies are required to file tax returns 3 x/ year. 2 Provisional and one annual return.
We do understand that the business needs to focus on growth, while we handle the admin and tax affairs. Sars is now linking up with third party institutions to detect deterrent and evasion of tax submissions, so there is no hiding.
Issues: The problem is that Companies tend to neglect or avoid this exercise due to fear and lack of cashflow planning and communication with their accountant or tax practitioner. This usually results in SARS charging penalties and interest of up to 200% without the option to appeal or object.
These days there is not much recourse to take and results are final. This can waste a lot of cash, time and energy after the fact.
We ensure compliance and crystal-clear communication on deadlines and cashflow planning.
Companies also are not always aware of the tax benefits made available to Companies and lose out on that tax reduction.
SARS PENALTIES: Currently Sars is penalizing at 50%-200% of incorrect amount declared. The key is to be as accurate as possible when submitting your tax returns to avoid these penalties and fees.
SARs does not forgive late or non- submissions and imposes penalties up to 200% once they discover the non-compliance.
We have qualified and experience tax practitioners (12 years of experience with SARS), who assist in maximizing the benefits and help you take advantage of the benefits provided by SARS to legally reduce your taxable income.


A company needs to know what it’s business looks like financially, and the only way to do that is to record all transactions in the General Ledger and Trial Balance monthly, with all the necessary support and documents for income, expenses and assets.

The stakeholders need to understand the health of the business before it’s too late to do something about it.

We have qualified and dedicated bookkeepers who focus on the administration of recording transactions, and creating the necessary reports at month-end to view the results and healthy of the business.

This assists greatly when it comes time for a business to grow and apply for financing.


South Africa is buzzing with Entrepreneurs, mostly due to the high amount of unemployment.

Company Registration has it’s benefits, namely protecting personal assets of the business in the case of a lawsuit against your Company.

Also, if your Company is registered, no one else can claim your Company name as their own (which is not possible if you are not registered)

Financing is more easily acquired by registered businesses. Registration shows that you take your business seriously, and no one wants to deal with a shady business, especially not these days.

Banks do not give business loans to personal companies/ sole proprietors.

We ensure that your Company complies with all the necessary regulatory boards:

  • SARS
  • Workman’s Compensation Fund
  • Staff development Levy
  • Employment Equity compliance

What it is:

  • Managing Diversity
  • Statutory Requirements:
  • Labour Law Requirements
  • HR Triad partnership between HR, Managers and Employees
  • Systems, Policies & procedures:

Managing compensation & benefits

Intro to incentive schemes

  • Recruitment, selection, assessment & onboarding
  • HR as change agent:

Transforming internal HR to  be more strategic partner

  •  Managing compensation & benefits
  •  Intro to incentive schemes
  • Recruitment, selection, assessment & onboarding
  • Training & Development
  • Managing diversity
  • Managing with metric/ Performance Management     
  • HR as change agent:

Transforming internal HR to  be more strategic partner

Practices to manage globalization

  • Health & wellness
  • How to implement rewards that employees value (more time, efficiency and equivalent remuneration)
  • Rewarding & Retaining Employees
  • Employment Equity Compliance
  • Coaching leadership and team dynamics

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